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The Freedom We Run Away From

We are condemned to be free. Because once you are thrown into the world, you are responsible for all that you do. Jean-Paul Sartre describes us as radically free. Free to choose from a dizzying array of options at every turn. Even while there are things that are inherently outside of our control, we are free. We are free to at least choose how to react to what has been done to us.

21 May 2020 philosophy
The True Believer: Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements

Readers have two ways of interpreting the book. The kind interpretation is that the book warns readers of the cyclical nature of social revolutions, religious movements and nationalist movements; warning readers that the prerequisites of mass movements are always there. The less kind interpretation is that the book provides a play-by-play for creating your first cult.

14 May 2020 philosophy
Reflecting on: This Is Water

In the speech titled This Is Water, David Foster Wallace suggests a nascent idea of what the point of it all is:

21 Apr 2020 philosophy
Remote: Office Not Required

Right now, as COVID changes the way we work, it’s the ideal time to relook the ideas in the book. I found three ideas in the book to be particularly meaningful:

01 Apr 2020 product
An introduction to Zen Buddhism: D. T. Suzuki

What I like about the Zen practice is that it brings attention to something that is always there - the free, quiet and sufficient mind. In today’s busy, complex and anxiety-inducing landscape, Zen feels as relevant today as it did during its ancient origins.

31 Mar 2020 zen
Hypocognition: Missing The Words

A lot of life is about understanding and representing the real world. Words play a critical role in helping us to both internalise and socialise the ideas in our heads. We describe discrete objects with nouns, interactions with verbs, relationships with adjectives and so on.

15 Mar 2020 self
Product Management: White Space Discipline

White space (or negative space) is a photography term to describe the empty space of a photo. This empty space allows an audience to experience three things: clearer composition, breathing room, and an emphasis on the important details.

12 Mar 2020 product
Kierkegaard: Busyness As A Vice

A reminder on busyness and existence:

10 Mar 2020 self
The SEO Game

Be me. Took part in the SEO Game.

09 Mar 2020 product
The Way Of Zen

This book has three great ideas that have changed my thinking:

20 Feb 2020 zen
What is Good UI Design?

When thinking about whether user interaction is good, it helps to keep in mind:

26 Jan 2020 ux-design
Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind

The mind of the beginner is empty, free of the habits of the expert, ready to accept, to doubt and open to all possibilities.

13 Jul 2019 zen
A Monk’s Guide to a Clean House and Mind

Shoukei Matsumoto

13 Jul 2019 zen

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